Do You Wonder How Ruby Web Applications Actually Work?

You’ve built web applications using Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, or one of the numerous other options. You’ve found yourself reimplementing logic across different web frameworks. You notice similar approaches to testing the code but don’t really understand how everything fits together.

You read the docs and see mentions of "middleware", web servers, and specifications. It seems familiar to you, but you’re having a hard time grokking it all. You just want to focus on building better applications and not toiling around with building blocks.

You’re curious and want you to understand. You’re working at the top of the stack and want to go deeper. Unfortunately you’re busy and time is money. You don’t have time to poor over outdated blog posts, half put together tutorials, or unfocused screencasts. So you put it off and for when you have more time or a better head space.

It would be nice to could get bootstrapped quickly.

I Wish I Could Pick This Up in 30 Minutes

  • What if you learned the common layer between Ruby web applications?

  • What if you learned how to write reusable HTTP request/response handling for any framework?

  • What if you learned testing independent of your web framework?

  • What if you learned how to select the best web server?

You can learn it all in the time it takes to leisurely sip down your favorite coffee or beer.

The Rack Bootcamp

You’re busy and your experienced programmer. Unfortunately you haven’t had the time to dive deeper. The Rack Bootcamp is a 30 minute guide designed to save you 30 hours.

Rack is the HTTP abstraction used in Ruby web frameworks. Learning Rack will take you from a fluent insert your framework here developer to a fluent ruby web application developer. This transition will pay dividends over the course of your development career.

The Rack Bootcamp will teach you:

  1. The Ruby web stack form servers to applications

  2. How Ruby web applications are built on a simple Hashes and Arrays

  3. How to build framework independent middleware

  4. How to compose applications from middleware

  5. How popular web frameworks like Rails and Sinatra build on Rack

  6. How to test any Rack application using simple Ruby methods

  7. Which web server to use for your application

Most importantly the Rack Bootcamp will give you a deeper understanding of the Ruby web stack. This knowledge will help you move from junior to senior level, be a better team mate, help out in code reviews, or just help you build maintainable applications.

What If I Need Guided Help?

Everyone has different learning styles. Sometimes reading is not enough. You want to get hands dirty building something, or you need an experienced hand helping you work through problems on the job, or you just need some questions answered.

You can purchase the Rack Bootcamp along with a 1 hour coaching/training session. You set the agenda. We can code, or we can discuss, or we can walk through your technical problems. Either way I’ll be there to guide you through your transition to fluent ruby web application developer.

What About My Whole Team?

Leveling up your knowledge is great. But what about 5, 10, or even 20 people? Imagine how much more your team could accomplish with more actionable knowledge.

You can purchase the Rack Bootcamp for your entire organization for 1/10th the price of a single developer’s monthly salary. The organization package includes a one hour session with myself and your entire team/organization. You set the agenda. We can focus on coaching, or tackle your team’s technical challenges. This will help your team become fluent ruby web application developers.


What Formats are Supported?

Your package includes a HTML and PDF version. Both versions work on any device.

Can I Get My Money Back?

Of course! If you felt the Rack Bootcamp did not meet your expectations then I’ll give you a 100% refund. No hard feelings. No questions asked. Maybe you can tell me where it failed so I can fix that.

How Do Coaching/Training Sessions Work?

We can do these over your favorite remote video conferencing solution. I recommend something which that support recording. This way you can always revisit whatever we covered. Your download package includes scheduling instructions.

On-site sessions are not included. Please email me to setup an on-site session.

Who Should Take This Bootcamp?

You should take this bootcamp if you’ve come across "Rack" before but have no idea what it is, how it’s used, or what it’s for.

You should take this bootcamp you’ve spent enough time developing Ruby web applications in any framework and want to go deeper. You should also have a good high level Ruby understanding.

You should take this bootcamp if you want a better understanding of the open source libraries composing the wider Ruby web application stack.

Who Should Not Take This Bootcamp

You should take take this bootcamp if you are just learning Ruby.

You should not take this bootcamp if you’re still working on understanding a single web framework (such as Rails).

You should not take this bootcamp if you want to learn a specific web framework.

Who Are You?


Great question! I’m Adam Hawkins. Great to meet you! I’ve been working with Ruby professionally for 8 years now. I’ve been active in the wider Ruby ecosystem for a large part of that time. You may have already come across my blog or conference presentations. Here are some my favorite links.